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CHILDREN- Trump’s Canary In The Coal Mine

John Johnson II

By John Johnson II

      You know the story; Coal miners sacrificed the life of the canary in order to save themselves from certain death caused by the odorless gas. Now the President, along with other heartless governors, are demanding that all public schools reopen for the fall. Our children to Trump are the canary in the coal mine.

As usual, Trump’s demand comes with no strategic plan, no additional funding, no two-way communication, etc. School districts have received two unessential communications: a mandate to reopen schools and a threat to withhold funding if they don’t reopen.

Marvin Gaye, years ago, recognized how precious our children are. When he belted out the words, “who’s going to” save the children, in a world destined to die?” He knew what was ahead. Now his soulful words ring so true. Who’s going to save our children from a President solely concerned about his re-election, rather than the precious lives of our children.

Trump certainly isn’t the one to save our children from despair and the ravages of the covid-19. If his threats are executed millions of children from low-income families will be denied breakfasts and lunches. Teachers will have less funding for instructional resource and staff development.

When Trump’s strong arm immigration policy resorted to separating children from their parents without any plans for reunification, it was a prelude to the ruthlessness he’s capable of inflicting on all children.

It’s hard to believe that, despite credible evidence of a crime, the Republicans refused to convict and remove Trump from office. He seems to be devoid of humanness, shows no

empathy, expresses no remorse, takes no blame, and offers no apologies. Yet, he expresses sincere admiration towards cruel dictators such as Putin and Kim Jong-Un and extols the importance of confederate monuments.

Given, we know how Trump governs, thinks about our children, our soldiers, women, his inability to be truthful, and his incompetence. Yet, he’s not the greatest threat and nor is Putin to our democracy and children.

The greatest threats to our democracy come from Republican Senators’ refusal to hold Trump accountable, and their failure to act as a co-equal within the Legislative Branch. Rather than govern, their actions are those of ring bearers and court jesters whose primary goal is to flatter and keep the self-proclaimed “Chosen One” so enthralled, he’s unaware America’s fate could be approaching Rome’s.

If we can’t entrust the welfare and safety of our children, our precious canaries, with this President, it’s inconceivable that the Republican Party would re-nominate him. One who seems to embody traits of George Wallace, Hitler, and Robert E. Lee. But, should they brazenly re-nominate him, the ideology of white supremacy is far more threatening and entrenched than partisanship.

Who’s going to save the children America? Please, Please, listen to Marvin Gaye’s, “Save the Children.” Cause, it’ll make you wanna “Holla.”

Lord, please save the children!!

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