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Coach Robert Green’s Panther 100 Club need and deserves community support

Coach Robert Green’s Panther 100 Club need and deserves community support

Front row, l to r: Cleo Dixon, Lero Change, Curtis Hodge, Eddie Roberts, Robert Green (president) Johnny Alexander, Jr., Major Love, Henry Graham, Rosetta Change and Herman Pittman; middle row, l to r: Tommy Roundtree, Edison W heeler, Roy Brown, Kenneth Howard, John Dowels, Johnny Alexander, Harold Simmons and Frederick Dixon and middle row, l to r: Marcia Pinder, Latasha Bellamy, Janice Alexander (secretary), Lt. Col. Kenneth Green, Artie Kennedy, Bruce McGraw, Art Kennedy, Gregory Brewton, Joseph Drisdom, Robert Gray, Warren Pinder, Norman McGraw, Karen Twitty Robinson Warren and Henry Sapp.     (Photo credit JORO Productions)

By Charles Moseley

 (Part II)

Arthur Kennedy, former Dillard Varsity Head football coach, Chief of Staff U.S. Congressman Alcee Hasting Office.

“Coach Green has done an admirable job ever since he’s been at Dillard. He stressed the fact as Athletic Director that our athletes had to be students as well as good athletes, had to be well respected around the campus He was just a very energetic leader. He made sure the minor sports of tennis, golf, and swimming had the best of everything not only for football and basketball. Being the great athlete himself he knew what it took to bring out the best in our athletes and he provided us with the resources to do that.”

Coach Marcia Pinder, Dillard High School Girls Varsity Coach, Broward County Athletic Association Coach of the Year, heads one of the most successful high school basketball programs in the nation with multiple state championships.

“The Panther 100 Club has been here since I’ve been here. They have been like a supplement for the athletic department. They help out wherever it’s needed and they con-tribute financially. They come out and talk to the girls and give great support. When we go out of town they organize the transportation for the school to support all the teams. Coach Green is a die heart Panther. He’s at every activity and every game. He’s always around campus.”

Coach Darryl Burrows, Dillard Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach, Broward County Athletic Association Coach of the Year, heads one of the nation’s leading high school basketball programs with multiple state championships.

“The Panther 100 Club has been a tremendous asset for us and Dillard High School as a whole not just the athletic department. You’re basically talking about an athletic program that was set up to assist Dillard High School with whatever needs that it may need. Whether it is athletics, academics or whatever the case may be and I think that they have done a tremendous job over the years since it was founded by Coach Green. Schools can’t just do it by themselves and this organization is all Dillard. They are really concerned about the kids and their welfare; so the things that they do just benefit Dillard High School.

Of course this was not a real political campaign issue, how-ever the Panther 100 Club has been and continues to be a viable organization whose initiatives are worthy of community support.

The Panther 100 Club is a non-profit organization founded by Robert Green former Dillard High School track and football coach and longtime Dillard Athletic Director. According to Green his initial goal was to have 15 original members raise $50,000 dollars.

“My plan was to have enough funds that if there was a program at the school where a kid had a chance to travel or get an experience, that money should not be the stopping point. It was my intent if the school had a field trip that needed financing to go on an educational trip or anything like that we wanted to be in a position to just write a check. We have not reached that point yet we’re still moving towards that goal.”

Some of the projects, events, programs, and field trips that have been made possible by the efforts of Panther 100 members include; basketball trip to Anchorage, Alaska, football trip to St. Louis, Missouri, chorus trip to Washington, D. C., Jazz Band trip to New York City, eye glasses for needy students, championship jackets for Girls Basketball team, etc.

Panther 100 financial supporters: Congressman Alcee Hastings, Florida State Trooper Tommie Robinson, Rudolph Maxwell, UPS and Al Henderickson Toyota.

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