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 COVID-19, Please Zoom Away!

Growing the Voices of Our Future

The Westside Gazette  Newspaper is honored to feature these editorial contributions made by local students.


Samara Rawls

By Samara Rawls

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are having to find safe ways to stay connected. This is not the time to visit Love Lyons, have playmates, or attend any non-essential activities. So a lot of people are wondering what to do and I have a great suggestion called Zoom. About a week ago, my mother decided to hold a family game night with my father’s side of the family. Since we were not able to gather physically, we all met on an app called zoom. The app Zoom is a place where you can chat with multiple people. While on Zoom, we played bingo and taught each other tik-tok dances. I was disappointed that we were not able to gather together, but glad we improvised and found a way to be with each other. I have also use the Zoom for my Sunday school lessons, Bible studies with my teenage girl groups, and even a dance lesson.  I am looking for this virus to end soon, so we can meet again. The picture here is of all of us on the chat dancing.


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