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Deputies at L.A. County Sheriff’s Office say racist gangs run the department

Racist gangs
Racist gangs

Deputies at L.A. County Sheriff’s Office say racist gangs run the department

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     Deputies at an L.A. County Sheriff’s Office are claiming that their bosses are members of white supremacist gangs who have subverted at least one FBI investigation. According to the deputies, law enforcement officers have even gone so far as to hide a suspect from the FBI out of their allegiance to a white supremacist group.

    Two L.A. County deputies have filed a lawsuit claiming that their department is a hot-bed for white supremacists and those members of the department covered up a crime involving a skinhead.

    An inappropriate relationship exists between certain LASD personnel and various inmate jail gangs, especially white supremacist,” read the complaint filed by deputies Michael Rathbun and James Sexton.

    “LASD personnel use these jail gangs as proxies or agents to retaliate against other LASD deputies and inmates. Within these inappropriate alliances, the gangs are given certain privileges that are otherwise legally precluded from them,” continued the complaint, filed in federal court against the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

    Lt. Greg Thompson, who is a defendant in the suit, is allegedly a member of a racist gang called “the Vikings.”

    The deputies accuse the LASD of hiding an inmate “in an effort to obstruct a federal investigation.”

    The deputies say that in February of 2012, they learned from an informant at Operation Safe Jails (OSJ) that Deputy Joseph Britton was associated with a powerful white supremacist gang.

    “At all relevant times, certain members of OSJ associated with, and cooperated with, certain jail gangs, including par-taking in illicit activities. Sheriff Baca and/or Undersheriff Tanaka knew or should have known about these improper relationships, but took no action to stop it and implicitly ratified the improper conduct” read the complaint.

“LASD personnel, using jail gangs as their agents, labeled Rathbun and Sexton as ‘race traitors,” the complaint states.

    The deputies say they only came forward due to months of harassment and threats from officials.


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