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Do we need more Black men in prison?

Do we need more Black men in prison?

By Don Valentine

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions has implemented a new slant on the application of the laws.  The Obama administration, under the guidance of A.G. Eric Holder, saw the wisdom of reducing the prison population.  Too many lives were altered by lengthy prison time on minor marijuana violations. These were non-violent crimes and should have been adjudicated like a speeding ticket in addition to the striking cost for their incarceration.

Instead, lives have been altered by the stigma of a felony arrest.  Hard to get a job, go to college or get a mortgage with that on your record.  Our goal as a society for corrections is to prevent recidivism.  It makes no sense to handicap someone for low rung infractions. This impairment falls largely on people of color.  Let me be specific in my comment.  President Trump’s reversal of Mr. Obama’s judicial posture will result in more Black people going to jail.

It is well documented that the “Get Tough On Crime” policy of the 80’s did not work.  We spent more money on the corrections arena.  It had the added result of bootstrapping more people of color from becoming integral members of society.  Trump’s return to this policy is proven to be a specious mistake.

The best way to avoid this racial atrocity is to contact your Senators.

Senator Bill Nelson Phone: 305-536-5999. Senator Marco Rubio Phone: (305) 418-8553.


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