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Educator and Author LaTanya Brooks Unveils Three New Coloring Books To Educate about Influential Women

Submitted by Joanna Allen

Educator and author LaTanya Brooks is on a mission to inspire young girls to follow their dreams in STEM and beyond. In her most recent books, children and adults alike are encouraged to have fun by coloring while also learning about influential women throughout history. Ms. Brooks puts a poem next to each page about an influential woman in history and what they’ve done for not just women everywhere, but society as a whole.

Women of Excellence: Adult Coloring Book

This coloring book presents “short, fun, impactful lines” that will teach both children and adults about the inspiring accomplishments of women throughout history.

Readers can color the beautifully printed mandala pages, from butterflies to pictures of important women from past and present. After all, women are like butterflies – “beautiful, majestic creatures that represent hope, life, endurance, resilience, and chan”

Black Women of Excellence: Coloring for the Soul

This book teaches about the many African American women who have broken down barriers for women today so that they can have “a voice and an enriched life.”

The poems in Black Women of Excellence tell of the influential pursuits and highlights the contributions of African American women through its elegantly illustrated mandala pages. These women not only impacted the world’s perception of Black women, but the perception of ALL women.

Hold My Tiara: Coloring Through History

Young girls will feel like princesses while coloring in this book – as they read about what these historic women have done for them and society as a whole, they’ll feel inspired and empowered.

The courageous women in this book teach a lesson to the reader that with courage comes grace, faith, and heart.

Ms. Brooks is teaching both young girls and adults about the influential women before them who defied odds and instilled hope and audacity into women everywhere. She wants women everywhere to know that difficulties respect no race, age, or gender, but with endurance and resilience, they can be overcome. Most importantly, Brooks wants all women to “be bold, be strong, be unapologetically YOU!”


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