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FAMU victory over UF goes largely unreported

FAMU victory over UF goes largely unreported

By Vanessa Byers

“You’re not playing the University of Florida, you’re playing baseball. If you play the game of baseball the way it’s supposed to be played, you never know what might happen.” – Florida A&M University Baseball Coach Jamey Shouppe (Pregame speech)

Since it seems as though mainstream media, excluding the Tallahassee and Gainesville areas, chose to ignore the historic win of Florida A&M University’s baseball team over #6 ranked University of Florida on recently, here is more coverage on the victory that still has Rattler fans talking. Thank God for Twitter and Facebook!

As a Florida A&M University alum, I have to say that I’m proud but in some ways disappointed that the great FAMU Rattler confidence appears to have dissolved over the years until this win over the Gators. In the video, FAMU Coach Shouppe mentioned an expectation of winning. Well, when I was a student at FAMU we always expected to win no matter our competition.

Whether it was an athletic field or an academic competition, we came to win.

Let’s pray this latest victory is another tipping point in the right direction for Florida A&M, Lord knows we can use it considering the challenges we have overcome and are still dealing with.

Thank you, FAMU Baseball Team, Coach Shouppe and staff for demonstrating that ‘ole Rattler Spirit.


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