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Former President Trump retires to Florida

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Deon C. Jefferson

By Deon C. Jefferson

      For America, 2020 was a tumultuous year. Adding to the stress of the year and the coronavirus epidemic, America dealt with the Presidency of Donald Trump. As the world watched as President and Vice President Elect Joe Biden Kamala Harris were sworn in, many were wondering where was Donald Trump? Well, he did what many people do when they retire from a job. Move to Florida. Floridians are rejoicing that Trump is out of the White House, but they are not too happy about him being our next door neighbor.

“As a resident of Palm Beach County, I’m not comfortable with him moving permanently here,” said Avion Marie from Delray Beach. “I can deal antics on TV, I can handle his twitter rants, but I cannot handle his supporters. There is no leveling with his supporters. To me, they make me nervous and when I see a flock of them together, I’m on guard for something to break out. With the BLM movement, we protested for a reason, with the Trump supporters, they protest for being sore losers. It’s a totally different level of being entitled or spoiled. “

Marie may be speaking about the recent takeover of the capitol building, as Trump supporters stormed the nationals capitol and made a mockery of anything sacred or tradition as far as America is concerned. Reports have shown that the riot was “called to action” by Trump himself, mainly in regard to the notion that the 2021 Presidential election was biased or unfair. The much talked riot happened on January 5 and 6th and it resulted in 5 fatalities. Trump supporters also targeted Nancy Pelosi by vandalizing her office, in addition to many yelling “Hang Mike Pence”.

“I work in West Palm Beach, so I’m definitely not looking forward to the way traffic will be during his matriculation, ‘’ Vines mentioned. “Personally, I can recall several instances where traffic would be delayed which has caused me to be late for work and to be tardy for several other important appointments. It becomes obnoxious when it feels like the whole county of Palm Beach shuts down. There are several celebrities and dignitaries that visit our county often, no one else acts like this.”

According to The Orlando Sentinel, several Trump supporters greeted the former president as he arrived. He arrived in Mar Lago the same way he did during his presidency, only this time he was not greeted by local leaders and CNN did not cover the landing of Air Force One via live stream.

The article reports that it only will Trump call Florida homme, several of his family members will live in the Sunshine state as well. His daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband live just north of Miami and Donald Trump Jr. and his long time significant other has been seen shopping for homes in Jupiter. One of the burning questions still remains about the Trump immediate family. Where is 14 year old Barron going to attend school. The family has been rumored to have their eyes on schools in Boca and Fort Lauderdale.

Knowing the controversy Trump stirred up and his decorum, there’s no wonder why people are uneasy about his arrival to Florida. There are so many questions that long to be answered regarding his permanent stay here. Is he going to rest and play golf? Or, is he going to try his hand at opening and developing some type of business? Much like many senior citizens and retire, they have the tendency of picking up other hobbies or getting part time jobs once they retire. Some are pleasures to be around, while most can be annoying if too much idle time is on the table.

Will Trump behave in Florida? Only time will tell what he will do. At Least he can take this down time to change up his iconic hairstyle.

     Deon C. Jefferson-born in Dayton Ohio and a graduate of Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio with a degree in Communications/Broadcast Media. Deon has been featured in several magazines across Florida covering everything from bridal to LGBT events. His experience has also granted appearances on CBS’s Emmy Award Winning Show “Undercover Boss”. He enjoys writing, painting, laughing, and photoshoots.


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