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Getting the Point

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Getting the Point

By Dr. Phillip L. Wright Sr.

The difference between some of the Republicans and the Democrats is some representatives in each party are at least trying to help and develop new and creative ideas with suggestions and understanding the true mission of President Obama and how we Americans can help each other to improve and empower all Americans. Unfortunately, the Republicans have not agreed with anything President Obama has presented to the Congress, and that has been the problem during President Obama’s entire Administration. I can remember what my mother always said, “Don’t complain about anything unless you have some realistic idea of how you can make the complaint something that can be improved as better.” Can anyone take that idea to the Republicans in our American Congress in hopes they will get the point?

We Americans need our Congress, who have control of our American tax dollar,s to show us they know how to make our money work for us and stop fighting with each other. We need to be able to weather our financial strain of today in banking, shopping for food, clothing, education, means of transportation, health insurance, and learning more about our environment in order to save it. Is anybody “Getting the Point?”


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