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 FLLibrary now open on Terminal 3, Concourse F

Kelvin Watson, Broward County Library Director, explains the concept of FLLibary to young reporter Oniya Rolle.

By Oniya Rolle

      Kelvin Watson, Broward County Libraries Division Director, who was named 2019 Librarian of the Year by the Florida Library Association for his outstanding, ongoing contributions to Florida librarianship based on exemplary leadership skills, commitment, creativity use of library materials, and innovation, has done it again. Eleven months ago today librarian Kelvin Watson came up with the idea of a library called “FLLibrary” in Fort Lauderdale Airport. A library With books, you may say. Well, not quite. It’s set up where you are able to get a library card and scan it on your phone on a “Digital QR Code” while you’re checking out magazines, movies, and music. This is a great idea that was placed so people can lounge while they’re waiting on their flight. People may relax and get FREE entertainment.


Samara Rawls

Summer Time Storm Safety


By Samara Rawls


It is summer time when most kids like to go to the beach, go swimming at the pool, and go to different field trips with your family or summer camp.  While it may be sunny, there are plenty days where it will rain, especially in the afternoon.  Everyone should know how to stay safe if you find yourself outdoors and it starts to rain or storm without warning.  First, you should always walk in the rain.  It may seem obvious, but while it is raining, you may think running will get you to shelter quicker, but running is not safe.  If you run in the rain, you may slip and fall and injure yourself. Secondly, if you know it is going to be a rainy day, wear bright colors.  You should wear colors so that others are better able to see you, especially if you are crossing the street or outside.   One last tip to stay safe in the rain is to make sure you don’t stand under any type of trees.  While they may cover you from the rain, if lightening strikes the tree, it may strike you also and could lead to serious injury and even death.  Here are some tips to keep you safe during your summer and remember to have fun.


Samara Maggie Rawls was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Attorney Rodney and Demetria Rawls and has two brothers, Nathan and Keon. Samara is in the eighth grade at Calvary Christian Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where she is a National Junior Honor Society member and a Principal’s Honor Roll student.  At church, New Mount Olive Baptist, she is in the choir, usher board, and dance ministry.  In the  community she plays soccer,  mentors and participating in oratorical contests.  Samara plays the flute, enjoys reading, and visiting family in other states.  A typical teenager she likes spending time with her friends, swimming, laughing and enjoying life. 


A Poem for My Father

Layla Davidson, 13

By Layla Davidson


On Sunday, June 16, 2019, it was the traditional US holiday. It was Father’s Day. Father’s Day is the third Sunday in June, a day in which fathers are honored by their children. My father is Marcus D. Davidson. I wrote this poem for him.



I’m not always at my best,

But I am so blessed


I thank God for giving me to you,

You always come through

When I need you


I Love You,

Happy Father’s Day



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