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Cheerleading Competition

My teammate and I share our thoughts on  cheerleading competition this weekend at The University Of Florida gymnasium in Gainesville, Florida.

Leja Williams

Leja Williams, 14

Questions and Answers

 Leja Williams— How long have you been a cheerleader?

Anya McLeod— I’ve been cheering since I was 5 up until now and   I want to continue for as long as I can.

LW— How was this high school cheerleading competition different from your all-star cheerleading competitions?

AM— Well to me, there wasn’t really a difference between high school and all-star because we all want to win and try our best and that’s it.

LW— How do you feel we did as a team at competition?

AM— I feel we could’ve done better. We tried our best and we can try a little bit harder next year.

Listen to the full interview online at:


Food Desert

Brielle Henry

Brielle Henry, 9

A community garden was created in Overtown Miami to help people get fresh fruits and vegetables because there are no grocery stores close to where they live.



Fresh Fire Fitness

Layla Davidson


Layla Davidson, 12

This past weekend The New Mount Olive Baptist Church had their Fresh Fire Fitness class to kick off the new year. The church is intentional about getting the community spiritually and physically fit.


Cosey Proctor, III

Cosey Proctor, III, 14

At the Young at Art museum, Mrs. Houston or Mom Sonya Houston, has a degree in marketing and a degree in business.  As you can see, she is sharing her extensive knowledge of how to generate funding for various programs and causes.  Children of Jack and Jill listen as she teaches them what to do to reach their goals quickly.


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