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HBCU Grad Turned Entrepreneur Reveals How Black Business Owners Can Recession Proof Their Business During the Coronavirus Crisis


     NATIONWIDE ( — Sterling McKinley, a leading marketing and branding consultant, announces the release of his latest book, Binge Worthy Branding. Sterling is recognized as one of America’s most innovative marketing and branding minds, and with his new book he steps away from the traditional way of branding to share insights on how minority business owners can create a brand that attracts a cult-like following and unflinching customer loyalty.

Binge Worthy Branding reveals how anyone can build a brand strong enough to survive in this noisy and competition-driven economy. The book explains how any-one can use AI to build customer loyalty and outpace the competition, as seen in top brands like Netflix, Starbucks, and Amazon. Binge Worthy Branding is an introduction to a new era in branding, as it focuses on helping business owners understand how their customers think as well as their expectations.

Sterling comments, “It’s important for African American business owners to understand that technology, like social media and smart-phones, are making their customers increasingly narcissistic. Customers expect your brand to be like their smartphones: always on, personal, and easy to use. They will no longer settle for a slow, unresponsive, and mass-produced brand. They will seek out brands that treat them like a caring friend, not like a number. If you follow the steps I reveal in this book, you are guaranteed to build a brand that keeps your customers coming back for more.”

In addition, McKinley says, “Binge Worthy Branding introduces you to a new era in branding. Rather than teach specific tactics or offer a step-by-step technical guide, I want to prepare you for the ever-expanding expectations of your customers.”

Approximately 41 percent of consumers switch brands because of poor personalization; 50 percent say they changed brands because of “poor customer experience.” In general, according to research from Accenture cited by eMarketer, 46 percent of customers are more likely to try new brands than they were five years ago. Ultimately, Binge Worthy Branding helps business owners to re-think branding. The book is available on Amazon.

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