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“Here’s Why I Think Joe Biden Made the Right Decision for VP”

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The Westside Gazette Newspaper is honored to feature these editorial contributions made by local students.

By Ransom Dominic Johnson

A few weeks ago, my mom told me to read your article “Meet the Black Women Joe Biden Is Considering to be His Vice Presidential Running Mate.” She told me Joe Biden will make a very important decision and choose someone to run with him and be Vice President if he wins in November. At first, like many kids my age, I didn’t feel like reading a long newspaper article. I didn’t even know how to read a newspaper! But then when I started reading, I saw how Joe Biden was thinking about having a Black woman run with him and that made me want to read more. As I read through, I picked out 2 people I really liked, Karen Bass and Kamala Harris. Both women were not afraid to speak up about the bad things Trump did to harm Americans. Plus having Black women as his running mate would bring more Black people out to vote, a REAL “Souls to the Polls.”

I thought Kamala Harris would be a good VP because she used to be a lawyer which means she knows how to research and question people about their bad history. She will need this for the debates. She also has experience in the Senate (like Barack Obama) and experience running for President. Then, I thought Karen Bass would make a good VP because she is known to fight to make changes especially for Black people. Since George Floyd and so many other innocent Black people were killed by police brutality, we need someone in office to fight for justice.

When Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate. I got so happy because she was one of my top choices. I already knew her great leadership would make her a good VP. I’m excited for the November Election because we can finally vote for a better President and for a better future. Voting is very important because it’s a right and privilege our ancestors fought and died for. I think everyone should vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November because I think together, they can accomplish anything!

     Ransom Dominic Johnson is a 4th grader at Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School. He is the oldest son of parents, Ransom and Brithney Johnson. Ransom is a talented pianist who also loves drawing and writing.


Layla Davidson

By Layla Davidson

This past week Joe Biden, candidate running for president, nominated Kamala Harris as his vice president. This nomination is amazing not only for her, but for all women of color. It lets us know that women of color do have a chance to be great and do great things. Finally, women of color are getting recognized. When Kamala Harris was nominated I was shocked. I never thought a woman, let alone a woman of color, would be nominated to be in that position. This is a step forward in the right direction! This gives all girls and women of color hope and encouragement! Even though I can’t vote I encourage everyone who is eligible to do so! Your vote matters!


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