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Hispanics’ Shift To Republic-communism

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

America having opened its arms to Cubans fleeing Castro’s regime beginning in 1959 thru 1990 welcomed more than 1.4 million refugees. By 1994, the Cuban Migration reached a crisis. The crisis was not that of a burden but how to process the new arrivals and how to provide for their transition from Castro’s Communist regime to life in this Country. President Eisenhower Republican, 1960, authorized the Cuban Refugee Program; thus, paving the way for billions budgeted to cover this influx refugees.

Presidents, regardless of political party, have supported funding to support Cuban Refugee resettlement programs as well as social economic programs. Nevertheless, a higher percentage of refugees supported progressive democratic presidents because of their inclusive policies, emphasis on freedoms, and disdain towards Fidel Castro’ and his adoption of Communism.

The question now is, “Why would a generation of younger Cubans shift towards former president Trump, leader of the Republican Party. He also attempted to overthrow our democratic government. Our government isn’t an autocracy that Trump favors or a form of socialism akin to Communism. What’s attractive about Republicans’ suppressive policies and mistreatment of Hispanic and Haitian immigrants? Everyone in America except Native Americans are immigrants.

Senator Rubio, who Trump marked as “little Rubio” now kowtows to Trump as though he’s a servant. His behavior represents a betrayal of Hispanics’ hatred towards would be dictators and supporters of Communist leaders such as Putin. We can’t dare omit Trump’s love letters affair with Dictator Kim Jong – Un. What patriotic American shifts towards this form of Republicanism?

Republicanism now functions as a new form of communism. Let’s call it Republic-Communism. It suppresses voting rights women reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, ban books, plots to overturn elections that they lose, and treats children with sexual orientation issues as though they’re invisible. This is a crime against humanity!

No, the social programs that supported Cubans as well as other refugees seeking asylum in America aren’t a brand of Socialism. If they were, Jackson Memorial would be one of the largest Socialist run hospitals in America. Remember, it’s funded by taxpayers. Our government doesn’t have any money of its own, none!

Is this shift due to Miami Dade County Public Schools failure to teach students since 1960’s thru the present what constitutes a democracy, why they’ve failed, and how democracy, Socialism, and Communism differ? If this is even partially true, it’s understandable why our democracy is facing a perilous state.






More importantly, School Board Members, Superintendents, and teachers surely should hang their heads in disbelief as they watch their former students, who are now voters, unable to distinguished what’s fraud, alternative facts, and just plain old racist rhetoric. Is one’s political party embraced, even if it advocates dismantling democracy?

Why would those who willingly accept governmental assistance, such as (SNAP) call it socialism? What are funds granted to corporations, such as oil, agriculture, housing, and farming, called? A subsidy is a sum of money given by the government to assist an industry or business. The fossil fuel industry receives $20 billion subsidies every year. Money given by the government to people is regarded as social assistance, not socialism. Billions given to poor countries are foreign aid, not socialism.

America has the most successful economy in the world because its government understands the importance of both social programs and subsidies. Currently, the government is subsidizing solar energy development because it has the potential of decreasing the world’s dependency on fossil fuel.

Though unimaginable, Republicans lie that Democrats are weak on crime. Yet, Republican Senators failed to convict Trump twice despite impeached twice by the House. Now, Republican Congresspersons and members of their base overwhelming endorse his lie that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election. His lies about COVID caused tens of thousands to die needlessly.

Trump appears more evasive of the law than the once infamous “Teflon John GottI. Only a privileged white man living in America could incite an insurrection and flirt with the idea of running again for the office of president. Remember, “Gotti’s penchant for crime eventually caught up with him.

Could Castro, the dictator, who masqueraded as a revolutionary, who killed tens of thousands of the Cuban people, enriched himself and family members, took control of the press, and lied to the people win a fair presidential election in America? If not, why would any voter, especially Hispanics, shift their support to Trump, a beardless and lying want to be dictator for life?

Well, what should “WE THE PEOPLE” called Trump, a revolutionist, insurrectionist, criminalist, or seditionist? While you’re pondering the first question, you can also decide what to call those who shift to Republic-Communism.


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