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Hygiene + Help = Hope


Hygiene + Help = Hope

Pads & Pons Party is a hit!

Story by Arri Henry/Photo Credit: Sage Causie

Witnessing a homeless woman walking down the sidewalk with blood stained pants ignited a fire deep in the heart of Ashley Eubanks-Dauphin, sparking her to create the ‘Help Her! Period.’, Initiative. No woman, regardless of circumstance, should have to choose between buying food or sanitary napkins for their menstrual cycle. It is with this mission that

Over the weekend, dozens of volunteers from local organizations rocked the dance floor at the Escape Restaurant and Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, but this day party was filled with purpose. Fueled by a catchy social media campaign and an outpour of support, members of Service for Smiles, Star Tutoring, God’s Gift Inc., Village Life FL, Muscle Mom Fitness and individual volunteers, stuffed over 10,000 donated feminine hygiene items in personal giveaways bags and packed lunches that were distributed downtown after the Pads and ‘Pons party successfully assembled hundreds of packages. Volunteers were as young as two-years-old.

Boxes of the “Help Her. Period!” giveaway bags also made their way to local homeless agencies. With this much passion and community support, Eubanks is determined to ensure that local homeless women and less-fortunate teenagers will never have to experience the humiliation of being without a pad or a ‘pon.


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