The Westside Gazette

In This Place

In This Place

By Katrina Jo

(I Am Poettis)

Running to and from

In search of something partially tangible

I reach out blindly

Moving based on sense versus sight

I’m being drawn into an existence neither planned nor predicted


I thought I’d missed it

My opportunity to make a global difference

But now I see all the detours

Reroutes to where I was supposed to be from the beginning

God has lead me to this place


This place where wrongs reveal themselves

Lessons masquerade as storms

This place where tears are more cleansing

Than a bar of Tone soap could ever be

God has brought me to this place


I knowingly made my own plans

Attempted to put God stickers on them

Tried to hustle God

Like He was a genie in a bottle

Planned to hijack Him for far more than three wishes


Only to be outsmarted like most mere mortals

When they play games with a master

As  the master

Moves pieces at will

He has moved me to this place


Now remaining imperfect

But unlike freestyle lines

I am constantly rehearsing

To be a better a person

And be present, in this place.

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