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Is This A Resume Point?

Mayor Peter Buttigieg

By Don Valentine

     Mayor Pete Buttigieg of the small town of South Bend Indiana, population of 102, 245 people has committed to run for President. As farcical as that might seem, Wayne Messam, the Mayor of Miramar, population 167,024,  who is  a Black, has done the same. I posit that to be running the richest country in history [no argument there] with nine times the largest military, your sexual choices/orientation, is not anything I consider for your qualifications.  That information is as salient to anyone as the fact that you drive an S.U.V. or like mustard condiments??

We will address his very laudable qualifications shortly.  My thesis is that there is no need to include in your resume/qualifications for a job that you’re Gay and have a husband. It is not pertinent to you being qualified to lead our country.  You are looking for compassion and respect on your selection of a blonde? Compassion for choosing a man? Go review the book of “Leviticus!”

Let me be concise and VERY CLEAR:  it does not affect me who you love. I am happy for you being happy. I have not applied for a single job or college application and as an annotation mentioned that I like women!   I never said that I like going to the beach .

Mr. Buttigieg is a scholar and a naval lieutenant hero. Buttigieg attended Harvard University, where he was president of the Harvard Institute of Politics Student Advisory Committee. He graduated Magna Cum Laude!  His accomplishments, gravitas and acuity show he could be a good leader.

The issue is at 37 he is only 2 years past the legal requirement for Presidency. This will not be his cycle.  He is on the radar and will end up in Congress! Politics is a stairway! Trump won a lottery ticket, to his dismay, he had to cash!

The repetitive comparison of the Rainbow community to the Jim Crow and Civil Rights movements is fallacious. Any Person of Color Knows That They Have The Luxury To Blink and Matriculate to any environment they need to I can’t! Like President Obama and every one of “Color” I have to “Over achieve” to be Average!


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