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Jayland Walker was fatally shot by Akron, Ohio, police officers

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Jayland Walker was fatally shot by Akron, Ohio, police officers during a pursuit last week, according to Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett, citing a medical examiner’s report. On Sunday, nearly a week after the fatal shooting, city officials also played police body camera footage of the incident for the first time.  On Monday, June 27, police said Walker, 25, fled as officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop for traffic and equipment violations. Walker got out of his car after a car chase, and a foot chase ensued. At least one officer orders him not to move and says, “Let me see your hands.”

Walker is seen getting back into the car, which is slowly moving forward. He is then seen exiting the passenger door and fleeing from officers. Officers attempted to safely take the suspect into custody by deploying their Tasers. The Tasers were ineffective, and Walker continued to flee. At least one officer yells for Walker to show his hands.

The foot chase lasted several seconds before Walker stopped and quickly turned towards the pursuing officers. A number of videos show dozens of gunshots being fired at Walker over the course of seven seconds. After at least one officer shouts “cease fire” three times, the shooting ends. Walker, on the other hand, was not armed.


Layla Davidson

Submitted by Layla Davidson

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