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Multi Award Winning Business Manager and CFO Proves That Minding Your Money Matters


From Krystle Coleman

MIAMI, FL –Lahteefah “Lah” Parramore, CPA, is a strong force in the entertainment and corporate world, a professional with more than 20 years of experience.  She currently is serving as a Partner in the entertainment industry service line with one of the top business management firms globally.  In the past, working with fortune 500 firms as a bright CPA, she has moved on to manage multi-award-winning music industry artists to win several accolades and awards. She has crafted the art of taking on clients, managing their finances, and helping to build their empires. Noted as one of Billboard Magazine’s Top Business managers 2021 and recognized by Variety Magazine as one to know within finance and business, Parramore is one of the most sought-after professionals in her industry.

She grew up in the arts and earned several nation-wide scholarships to programs as an esteemed dancer and performer; later realizing she wanted to enter the business side of the industry. She understands what it takes for an artist to be well-rounded in business. She had the desire to help businesses grow and flourish by building their finances and their brand.

Lahteefah believes in three key elements when advising clients: understanding what each client wants, helping clients align their financial goals with what they need, and connecting clients with the resources to meet their goals.

Her precise and resourceful touch with each client offers a unique gesture and knowledge that cannot be duplicated. Lahteefah specializes in business management and CFO services. Her clients include nationally and internationally known entertainers, creatives, entrepreneurs, record labels, and groups working for positive social change.

Lahteefah believes that an early education in financial management can make a major difference in quality of life and seeks to share her knowledge with as many people as possible.

Drawing on her life’s successful work in accounting and financial operations, Lahteefah will be releasing a series of eBooks aimed at teaching music royalty management, financial literacy, tax planning, business credit, and selected topics in money growth and management. The first installment of the series is expected to be released in the second half of 2022.

To contact Lahteefah and her team, go to, (727) 457-2625.


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