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People of color are challenged by the politics of morality

Derek Joy

People of color are challenged by the politics of morality

By Derek Joy

The Rev. Dr. Gaston Smith and his Friendship Missionary Baptist Church congregation came face to face with the ills of life among people of color.

Not that it doesn’t or hasn’t happened in other ethnic communities. It does. And it has.

Black Americans have historically been systematically denied access to virtually every arena of life. The lone exception, albeit grudgingly so, is the church. Yeah. The history books don’t tell the stories of how people of color were treated less than human in the practice of religion.

Consequently, with all the obstacles to overcome, one would think that people of color – if nothing else – would respect houses of worship.

But no. The low life burglars could not find strength of morality, belief and faith to resist committing the sins of criminal acts on that house of God – Friendship.

Instead, they broke into the church. Stole an estimated $30,000 in equipment and left bloody fingerprints on the church van. They showed the most scurrilous kind of scoundrels run free in our society.

People of color let that happen. Allow murders to be committed in their midst. Tolerate all manner of Black on Black crimes without a word. In silence. Some because of fear.  Others for any number of reasons apathy included.

So, why blame other ethnic groups for what they do to us, when we tolerate the same or worse from each other?

Somewhere on the road of life a light comes on. Morality is taught at home, in school and in church. Does that mean the Friendship burglars did not have home training, go to school or church?

For sure, it shows how idle minds are the devil’s workshop. Definitely reached the limits of stupidity and a gross lack of self respect. Committing crimes against a house of God. And did it with the intent to profit.

Doesn’t take much to see others find little incentive helping those who refuse to help themselves. Right there in front of your eyes. No self respect. Don’t respect others. Just a total disregard for God and His places of worship.

Such ungodliness and lawlessness nurtures self destruction. Moral bankruptcy and the rest follows. Won’t find communities getting outside help when that kind of scurge runs rampant.

A sin and a shame. Silence makes it worse. How many more times does it have to happen? How many more murders and other Black on Black crimes have to be committed for people of color to take responsibility for their street, their community?

Burglarizing a house of God is the pits. The absolute bottom of the barrel. Those who silently allow such moral bankruptcy to permeate their midst are no better than the perpetrators.

It is time to look inside, look in the mirror and get busy with positive action.


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