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Playing Nicely in the Sand of Naples

Trails in the Sand by Peter Traceit: The Street Detective


Kenneth Minchew
Kenneth min chew incognito

Before we get started I must say that The Street Detective is hot on the path of some political shenanigans that lead a trail to some mess like Patton Place mixed with the Beverly Hill Billies – stay tune.

Now, it appears that Peter Traceit is not the only one dragging through the sands to get worthy news. Kenny Minchew of the Broward Teachers Union (BTU) seems like a hound dog on the trail of the Broward Principals and Assistants (BPAA).

For about a decade the BPAA has organized a professional development retreat to kick off the school year. Principals, assistant principals and their families are able to engage in leadership training, network with each other and celebrate those who are retiring from education.

Street Detective has learned that Kenny Minchew, a BTU Executive Board member, showed up to the Naples Ritz Carlton resort in disguise and went as far as to snap pictures of administrators and their families (including small children) while poolside. Funny thing is that when confronted by a BPAA executive, Minchew denied his own identity but left the premises shortly after some Broward school administrators began snapping pictures of him.

The BPAA pushed back on the bullying tactics and took to Twitter to out Minchew and the BTU. The BPAA didn’t just play in beach sand, they took a big dig in the face of BTU via a Twitter post and I quote, “The BTU can barely muster a one percent raise for teachers but has no problem sending BTU Executive Board members all the way to Naples using BTU members’ dues to stalk principals and Aps (sic) at the annual BPAA professional development retreat”.

Traceit learned that Anna Fusco, BTU president, was so incensed she began with her usual threats and demands. Unlike Minchew, Fusco did not deny his identity, but she demanded the post be removed from the social media platform raging that BTU member dues did not fund Minchew’s trip.

The BPAA gladly posted a correction in the comment section of the tweet but did not remove the original tweet in the sand.

Traceit is asking for your help in digging up the truth. For those of you who know Minchew, you be the judge. Is the Kenneth Minchew in this BPAA tweet photo below the same Kenny Minchew on the verified photo from his published Facebook page?

Before Ol’ Traceit returns to his digging in the sand on the trail of more news, I have a simple question for Superintendent Vickie Cartwright. How can we trust you with millions of dollars of Referendum money if you cannot get the two organizations that represent your most important employee groups to play nicely in the sand?

NO on The School Board of Broward’s Next Generation Renewal Referendum.

Ol’ Peter Traceit, the Street Detective, will keep dragging the sands for answers.

Kenny Minchew, photo from his published Facebook page

Photo of Kenneth Minchew in this BPAA Tweet.

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