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Police officer accused of forcing men to perform sex acts to avoid arrest

Brandon Berry

Police officer accused of forcing men to perform sex acts to avoid arrest

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A former Tennessee police officer is charged with exchanging sexual favors for freedom. According to investigators, the former Memphis officer would allow men to perform sex acts on him in exchange for not arresting them.

In one incident, Brandon Berry is accused of pulling over a fugitive and forcing him to perform a sex act in exchange for Berry ignoring the fugitive’s warrant.  It is unclear from reports where the act occurred.

“I seen him grow up as a baby – so I didn’t think he’d do stuff like that,” said Berry’s neighbor, Fely Harris.

A teenager also accused Berry of hitting on him while the officer was working as a crossing guard last summer.

Ryan Milligan says he was walking his sister to Airways Middle School when Berry got into his patrol car and began following him.

He says Berry called him over and began acting strangely.

“All sexual-like,” said Milligan.  “Getting all rough with the steering wheel”. Milligan says the officer began licking his lips and asking him explicit questions.

“He was just like ‘how do you get big?’ ‘What do you do?’ ‘Do you want to make some money?’”, said Milligan.

“I was like ‘this man is crazy!” said Milligan.

Berry resigned from the force not long after the allegations. He was arrested Thursday morning following a grand jury indictment.



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