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Position earned because you’re qualified: some given out of favor

Trails in the Sand by Peter Traceit: The Street Detective

Position earned because you’re qualified: some given out of favor

The Street Detective has learned that Superintendent Cartwright waited until the 11th hour to post her revision to include her choice for Deputy Superintendent of teaching and Learning, Dr. Marilyn Doyle. Late revisions usually post the Friday before the Board meeting, but Cartwright is making new rules and posting them as last as the day before the Tuesday Board meeting or the morning of. Might Cartwright be afraid that the Black community will show up again, and she will have to do her “I am not a racist” speech again?

Doyle is getting a whopper of a raise, going from $130,000 as Executive Area Director of High Schools in Orange County to $220,000 as Deputy in Broward. That is a lot of cheese.

Smile, Dr. Doyle. If you have not found the $1,800 a month housing deal near the beach, you can now afford to up your limit.

In all seriousness, Ol’ Peter Traceit welcomes you to Broward. Be warned, however, Peter Traceit does  mind dragging through the sands to find news and beach sand is just as good as any.

Speaking of Board meetings and promotions, the Street Detective recently discovered that while the board secretary for Daniel Foganholi, Andre Xxxxx, was promoted to Assistant Director, he has remained in his role in the Board Office. Consulting with other people, Detective Traceit  finds this to be odd because every other employee, promoted or demoted by Cartwright, has reported to their new assignment.

A few have reported that Xxxxx presents as quite entitled, arrogant and sometimes downright rude. In fact, it is reported that Xxxx has refused to be of service to some callers and when these callers have made their request to other Board members’ secretaries, Xxxx has directed them to also be uncooperative. Street Detective has checked with Boyd, Mizell and McWhite to see who died and left and made him Boss; maybe Bell has the answer?

Just how did Xxxxx gain such power and why has he not reported to his promotion job?

When dragging through the sand, Traceit has happened upon a few folk who were glad to spill the tea about how Xxxxx happened upon the Assistant Director promotion that he has yet to report to. All roads lead to Cartwright.

Cartwright reduced a Director’s position to Assistant Director. The Director in the position was placed as a principal. She then direct appointed Xxxxx to the Assistant Director position… that he is yet to report to since being Board approved on June 14.

Ol’ Peter Traceit is wondering how would a Superintendent know a secretary well enough to have the confidence to direct appoint him to an administrative level position of which he has no experience?

Rumors are rampant that Xxxx has been blessed with favor from his former boss. Folk are also whispering that Xxxx’ former boss is responsible for him taking questionable liberties and feeling empowered to speak to people like he has lost his mind.

Well, Street Detective has a little advice for you, Foganholi. If you’ve ever wondered how you show up to your scheduled events and your predecessor just happens to show up at the same events, folk are whispering that you have a mole in your office whose loyalty is not to you, but to his former boss.

Detective Traceit hopes that Oz can finally let go of her old job once a new District 5 Board member is elected. All I will say is that if Foganholi hasn’t sent Xxxx packing by November, it should be the first order of business for the winner of District 5.

The streets are talking and there are trails in the sand that lead to something and Peter Traceit will be following.

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