President Obama to Republicans: This Seat’s Taken

President Obama "This Seat Is Taken"
President Obama “This Seat Is Taken”

President Obama to Republicans: This Seat’s Taken

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President Obama to Republicans: This Seat’s Taken — Following the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is and Clint Eastwood’s speeches during the 2012 Republican National Convention last night, President Barack Obama sent out a tweet from his Twitter account (@BarackObama) that caused a lot of attention. During his speech to the RNC audience, Eastwood spoke to an empty seat as if it were the President. The action caused a lot of mixed emotions, but it gained a lot of attention. Romney gave his candidate speech soon thereafter. Moments after the television coverage ended for the RNC, the Obama campaign sent out a tweet in reference to Eastwood’s speech: “This seat’s taken”. A picture from behind of the President sitting in a monogrammed chair that read “The President: January 20, 2009″. The photo went viral in social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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