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Real leaders are poor

Lucius Gantt

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Real leaders are poor

By Lucius Gantt

      Around the time of 1822, a South Carolina slavery day community activist named Denmark Vesey organized about 4,000 slaves to carry out a planned slave revolt.

Of course, the revolt by Vesey and his fellow fighters was thwarted when one of the slaves ran to the slave masters and warned them what was about to happen.

Regardless of the revolt’s disposition, Denmark Vesey became one of South Carolina’s and America’s most hated and despised dead men!

Whites in South Carolina vowed to wipe out all evidence of Vesey even though his memory lives on today in the minds of current activists worldwide.

Vesey was hated because he was ruthless when he confronted wicked slave masters. Reportedly, Vesey told his army of slaves to go to every plantation and “kill everybody, including the women and children” of the slave masters.

There are “pictures” of Frederick Douglass, Harriett Tubman and even Nat Turner but you can’t even find a drawing of Denmark Vesey! Don’t even try to name a street after him in any American city!

Vesey was also hated because he was an activist with a bank roll! A very wealthy former slave turned businessman got his land and his money by hitting the slavery time lottery!

Denmark Vesey was rich but other activists over the annals of time are not so fortunate.

Take Jesus Christ for instance. The Son of God didn’t have a chariot. He didn’t even have a glorious white horse. If Christ rode anything it was an ass (donkey).

Jesus had to walk from Galilee to Nazareth to Jericho on foot, in fact, barefooted or in sandals because Jesus couldn’t afford Biblical gators or lizard skins.

Jesus was so poor that oftentimes he had to ask his believers to let him crash at their crib for a night or two.

Martin and Malcolm were not rich. Marcus Garvey had some business tax problems but I wouldn’t say he had a big bank.

Nowadays, if you’re suspected of being a modern day Denmark Vesey, or any God fearing Black person that will stand up and speak out about equal rights and justice, the devil has a plan.

The way the man gets Black people to shut up, tuck their head up their tails, bow down and buck dance is to stop giving them money. They will fire you from your job, they will stop doing business with you, they will deny you loans and other financing and they will attack your credibility and use their Negro puppets to attack you personally!

Soldiers of the cross will be taken care of. All of us know strong people who have experienced bankruptcy and came back to be millionaires. We all know people fired from a job and now that same person is doing work all over the world.

We all have to do what we have to do. We each have a specific mission to undertake. We have a designated destiny to fulfill.

As you live life as a leader or a follower, “If It Ain’t About The Money” you should at least be about the truth whether you make money or not! Buy  Gantt’s latest book Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”online or at any major bookstore. Contact Lucius at    


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