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On The Scene With Crystal Chanel

A few days ago, I read online that a friend was closing her brick and mortar business. She had been in business for 2 years before truly coming to terms with the inevitable. I Love Vintage Florida, the boutique location, was not doing the numbers that I Love Vintage Florida, the online retail outlets, were doing. Looking at the financials, she was forced to make a hard decision, which on the surface could look like failure, but it was a display of savvy business acumen.

For the world wide web to see, Chanel Diana Walker posted that her boutique location would be closing at the end of June. Likes, shares, reposts and supportive comments poured in by the dozens. The community appeared to applaud her boldness. Chanel Diana controlled the narrative by reminding readers of the online portion of her boutique. Focusing on her thriving online business is much better than having a pity party because the physical location was closing. From this example, leaders such as you and I, can be empowered by knowing that it is okay to regroup, recoup and reload the dream.  By now, you should know I love elaborating, so let’s break this down.

As a veteran of the United States Army, I learned after an attack or defeat, every good soldier knows they must regroup. In regrouping, we must acknowledge the loss, and loss is not failure but simply an opportunity for growth and development. Often, I see leaders ignore losses and hang on for far too long. Whether the circumstances are personal or professional, leaders must be ready to realize the damage, file an internal claim and begin thinking about recovery.

To recoup is to recover from your losses. It is an opportunity to self-reflect, mitigate, and prevent further injury. I recall a friendship that was unequally yoked to where I began to feel used. I had to end the relationship before my mental fortitude was demolished. These decisions can be viewed as heartless, but Author Napoleon Hill wrote, “Successful people make decisions quickly and are slow to change. Unsuccessful people make their decisions slowly and are quick to change.”

Nonetheless, in regrouping and recouping, do not forget to reload the dream. Failure and setback are simply nature’s way of asking, “How bad do you want it?” Your testimony will be powerful because of what you have overcome, the battles you fought and your tenacity to stay in the game. I know pop culture tells us that DJ Khaled is always winning, Beyonce is always shining and even Drake’s hotline is always blinging, but the facts are, Fantasia nailed it when she sang, “sometimes, you gotta lose to win.”

What I admire about my friend Chanel Diana is her determination. She will continue to sell vintage clothes. She will continue to provide styling and fashion insight. And she will continue to be an authority in vintage fashion, consignment and retail. However, what  is of the utmost importance is that she has proven to herself, to her clients and to potential customers alike that she is not easily deterred. I write this edition of On the Scene encouraging my readers to do what it takes to accomplish your dreams and goals come what may (and will). You may have to take a different path. You may have to create a path. You may even have to research the path that is right not just for your industry but the path that is right for you. If you endeavor to journey on a path, it’s okay to regroup, recoup and reload.

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