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John Johnson

 By John Johnson II

Republicans recognizing that the white supremacist ideology used to controlled Democracy, just as a bit controls a horse, could no longer control the overwhelming power of Black and Brown voters. Consequently, Republicans in fear of not ever being able to win a presidential election have resorted to  tactics equally as evil and unGodly as the deeds of America’s white supremacists Founding Fathers.

Republicans, without shame or beholding to their oath to the U.S. Constitution, have embarked on enslaving Black and Brown people by suppressing their right to vote.

For 246 years, White supremacists enslaved  Black people and treated them worse than farm animals. Black babies once snatched from their  mothers’ arms became  gator bait. From the 18th through the 20th century thousands of Black people  were lynched to enforce white supremacy and to instill  debilitating fear towards voting and life itself.

If America is better than this, why is this  being allowed to happen again? Democrats are wrangling their hands and arguing with one another while Republicans are running over them as though they’re mere bumps in the road or voters pro-testing in the streets.

Who fights  for the voting rights of Black people? A senseless war fought for 20 years killed tens of thousands of Afghans, plus sacrificed over two thousands American soldiers accomplished extraordinarily little. Attempting to democratize a country whose people favored tribunal governance proved an impossibility. In disbelief, a polarized Nation complained more about the messy withdrawal than the actual war.

Now, 15 scores and 6 years later, Democrats are waging a political war against Republicans and their base of white supremacist to prevent them from overthrowing the government. One need only ask, “Did the January 6, 2021, insurrection mark the beginning of Civil War II?”

The number of Confederate flags and banners paraded throughout the Capitol Building during this insurrection resembled the Battle of Gettysburg. This battle,  one of     many,    former       Republican  President Lincoln ordered fought to free enslaved Black people. Regrettably, the new Republican Party seeks to reinstitute  slavery by suppressing Black people’s rights to vote.

Is it not a crime for any state to enact laws that infringe upon rights guaranteed to voters by the U.S. Constitution? If the answer is yes, why are Republican state legislators allowed to enact legislations that interfere with rights guaranteed by the 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th  Amendments? They all pertain to voting rights.

As the Nation watches, the greatest Democracy in the world is facing a continuous coup  by its former president. The Republican Party blindly functions as tactical officers and a base of white supremacists serves as a militia in waiting.

Sadly, the statement above doesn’t anywhere near illustrate the real problems currently facing America and its Democracy. Yet, history yearns to warn Americans of the transgressions of past generation that caused  great Empires to crumble. If it isn’t  ignorance of history, greed, or selfishness, what is it that motivates America’s white supremacists, led by Republicans to seek to enslave Black voters as well as dismantle Democracy?

We need not ponder this question any longer! Shakespeare in lines from Hamlet, “to thine own self be true,” gives us the answer. For  its   man’s immoral social, religious, and political constructs,    continually baptized in racism, which remain the arch enemy of America’s Democracy.

Unfortunately, the antidote against racism lies not within  in a syringe or legislation, but  within the collective minds,  hearts, and actions of the Democratic majority. Racism constitutes the  weeds or  viruses that threatens  Democracy’s  rose garden. Therefore, racism must be continually denied  the ingredients it relies upon to propagate and remain systemic.

Knowing all these things, the fate of Democracy still struggles as a flickering candlelight in the wind; because  Democrats remain too conflicted and focused on America’s physical infrastructure rather than voting rights. YOU BE THE JUDGE!




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