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Republicans’ Ungodly Hypocrisies

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

The Republican Party (GOP), without any regards for democracy,  humanity, or social justice, have  embraced ungodly hypocrisies that threaten  to  divide this Nation against itself. Their ungodly hypocrisies of  freedom of choice and love of country have forged a divide within our Nation festering like sore  oozing yellowish or greenish vile pus. Former President Lincoln famously said, “A nation divided against itself  cannot stand – but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other.”

For example, Republicans fervently embrace freedom  of choice/rights when it comes to school choice, gun rights, fossil fuel industry rights, intrusive government, faith-based organizations, and tax cuts for the rich. These hypocrisies have resulted in increas desegregation of schools, more deadly mass murders, critical climate conditions, and criminalization of abortions.

Disingenuously,  the (GOP), has raved about their love for this Country and their  willingness to defend it. Yet, this has proven to be one of their most consequential hypocrisies. It’s unimaginable, to have  witnessed during the 21st century, that a sitting president of the U.S., along with members of the Republican Party not only  engaged in a plot to overthrow our government but waged a deadly insurrection on January 6, 2021.

Now our Nation must  once again prepare to prevent the (GOP), and their base, led by former President Trump, from using their ungodly hypocrisies to overthrow our democracy. There have been two attempts to overthrow our government: the Civil War of 1861 and the recent  insurrection.

Unbelievably, there’s an ongoing third attempt to overthrow our government. However, this time around, Republicans are hesitant about engaging in a military-type coup. Their strategies now rely on gaining legislative control at the National and state levels, destroying voting rights, appointing sycophant elections officials, and spreading their divisive ungodly hypocrisies.

Republican  hypocrites and their right to life proponents believe that a fetus’ right to life, though yet unborn, has more inalienable rights than a pregnant woman, regardless of the circumstances;  hence, her inalienable rights become subjugated to those of the fetus. If left to them, a ten-year-old  girl impregnated because of a rape would have to bear this fetus until birthed.

This kind of hypocrisy towards women and Black people isn’t new. Women couldn’t  vote until 1920, because white men decreed that the mental exertion of voting would cause infertility, and their brains were inferior. Now again,  white men are alleging that  women don’t have the intellect  to make informed decisions about their own bodies. Instead, they’re suggesting that women  are just  like sheep. They’re  in need of continuing control   and fleecing of their rights.

As for Black people, our very own U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3,  decreed an ungodly hypocrisy. It  declared that any Black person who  was not free was only  three-fifths of a free individual. Were the remaining two-fifths declared, as Black babies, fit for  gator bait? This  law  then and Republicans’ hypocrisies are an abomination.

The (GOP), continues to spread not only ungodly hypocrisies, but the most blatantly  racists tactics to further divide our Nation. Their actions constitute   a daring attempt to overthrow our government. But remember, it was because of  former  President Lincoln’s courageous determination to defeat the Confederacy,  that this Union has been  preserved, thus far.

Who will this time have the courage to thwart  Republicans’ determination to overthrow our Republic?



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