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‘Why the resistance to police body cams & dash cams’?

It takes an activist

‘Why the resistance to police body cams & dash cams’?

By Glenn

Again, Miramar’s “Management” team resists the request by its residents to install police dashcams and equip our officers with body cams.

I have “friended/consulted” individuals of national prominence Chief Delrish Moss of Ferguson, Baltimore Councilman Brandon Scott, author/activist Patrisse Khan-Collurs who has all been thrown into the national conversation of the need for police oversight and they all advocate for the necessity of these cameras on the body and in the car.

A population of over 140,000 people that is majority Black/Caribbean residents with a very popular “scandalous” free Mayor who has successfully &  positively propelled the city in to the national spotlight needs to get the cities’ police chief in line with the times for it is that police chief who says “We don’t need cameras, we don’t have those kind of problems here” is indicating time has passed the long time law enforcer by.

Understandably some of our law enforcement officers will be offended at the demand for transparency and accountability & claim this is all about “us against them” -it’s not, but that’s why “they” pay their lobbyists the big bucks

Now comes the latest argument/spin from the “white” side posing now as “civil rights concerned caring activists (to cloud the issue) that the use of body cams by police officers will be an intrusion of the  civil rights of the individual being videoed??  If only Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Eric Garner or Tamir Rice could speak.

This is not a new topic for Miramar leaders. Four years ago, former Commissioner Alexandra Davis attempted to push body cams & dash cams through but was unable to get “management support”.

Black History month seems to be the appropriate time to revisit this nationwide initiative locally to lobby our leaders to make it a priority to install police dashcams and equip our officers with body cams for everyone’s protection and safety.

So again Ms. Davis, a resident and an activist, has taken to the streets & businesses with her pen and paper, seeking resident support this time in hopes that Miramar leaders encourage “management” to adapt to the changing times and abide by the communities wishes.


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