The Westside Gazette

“Right-Wingers Are Terrorists”

Letter to the Editor

By Jake Pickering

 A middle-aged Karen from Virginia is in jail, because she’s an anti-masker terrorist mom Who brags about her loaded guns & bombs.

She said she’d be back on Monday to kill the Page County School Board for their mandate That children wear masks due to the plague.

This crazy Karen (AKA Amelia Ruffner King) Said she would bring all of her guns loaded!

This is what y’all get with Glenn Youngkin.

Virginia’s racist Republican Party is to blame for choosing politicians from their insane.

Having been arrested, this Karen apologized.

Who cares? Shut up, Karen, and go to trial!

If this keeps happening, I’m running in Nov.

For my local school board, to put a stop to it.

We The People aren’t putting up with this!

Threaten us here in Humboldt County, GOP, And I will personally kick your ass endlessly!

But only if you’re male, of course, you see, I’ll leave Karen’s for my female colleagues…




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