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Sleeping with the military enemy

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

Sleeping with the military enemy

By Lucius Gantt

      Public opposition is rising in regards to President Barack Obama’s proposed military strike on the country of Syria.

Most Americans do not want to continue the United State’s self proclaimed status as the “world’s policeman”.

To me, evidence of the Syrian government’s use of chemical weaponry is fool’s proof!

Americans were fooled about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and it appears as though the government is trying to fool people about chemical weapons use in Syria.

Why do I think that? I think that way because one lie leads to another.

The government lied already about the people fighting in Syria. The US government says people opposing the Syrian government were “rebels” and the Syrian government said people shooting at Syrian soldiers were terrorists.

To be honest, they all look alike to me just like some say Black people look to them but it has been proven that Al Queda terrorists are in Syria.

Many terrorists are trained fighters but so-called “rebels” are untrained. Terrorists have access to high powered weapons that can damage tanks and, in some cases, reach helicopters and other aircraft and most “rebels” do have that capability.

And, video has surfaced that shows terrorists shooting unarmed Syrian soldiers in the head but I’m not aware of video showing the Syrian government attacking citizens with chemical weapons.

Yes, I’ve seen video of people showing injuries and symptoms that may have been a result of exposure to chemicals, but I have not seen proof that the chemicals were Syrian government chemicals.

If you really want to know why a US military strike on Syria would be bad, history is the best teacher.

Recent, interventions in foreign countries and foreign conflicts by the United States has not exactly gotten the results that were articulated before any US invasions.

Iraq is still unstable. Libya is now full of terrorists. Egypt is on the brink of civil war. The Taliban remains in control of huge areas in Afghanistan.

The only ones that I’m sure has benefited from US invasions in foreign countries are the “Lords of War” that run the world military industrial complexes that sells guns and bombs to the highest bidders and the world’s beast bankers that loan money to both sides of warring parties to buy guns and bombs.

US involvement in foreign wars does not bring about peace, democracy, civilization or any of the other catch phrase results that the government uses when they decide to use predator drones and missiles to attack a country that can’t attack back.

The bottom line is the American people want American money spent on Americans.

     American voters put The President and members of Congress first and when it comes to spending tax dollars the President and the Congress love to put United States’ citizens last!

     President Obama, I guess, is a good guy but President “A-bomber” is no friend of mine, no friend of American tax payers and no friend of the world!

    If the United States bombs Syria, in the end America will end up sleeping with the military enemy.

    This policy of destroying any country’s legitimate leader that the West can’t control must be stopped! (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” online or at any major book store. Contact Lucius at


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