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 Some parks reopened

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Armani Parks

By Armani Parks

This week our Florida governor decided to reopen parks for walking and running, and even golf courses. However, playgrounds, basketball, and tennis courts are closed until further notice.

I had my grandfather “Champ” to take me to the beach to take pictures. Normally you would see thousands of people at the beach, but there were only about 100 people.

There were people walking, riding bikes, and skating while taking precaution, no one was on the beach sand, and the water looked beautiful.

Since we were out my grandfather decided to make a stop at his favorite fishing spot. He did bring his face mask, but he just wanted to show his smile while taking his picture.

On the other end of his favorite spot, there was a beautiful couple with their dog Hatchi, a dog was so adorable that I had to take a picture with him. He was a big dog but very friendly.

Also, remember there are food banks. So, make sure you read the newspaper and check our website and social media pages to know where they are at.




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