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 Webster defines “name” as “that by which a person or thing is known. The study of the names of God will help us to reveal some of God’s attributes. Can you tell what the names reveal?


1) EL

2) EL Elyon

3) EL Olam

4) Jehovah Jireh

5) Jehovah Rapha

6) Jehovah Nissi

7) Jehovah Tsidkenu

8) Jehovah Shalom


**Biblical note** The Hebrews thought of names as being revelatory, as disclosing some attributes or characteristic of the person named. For instance, the name “Adam means “of the earth”; his name revealed his origin.


Answers – 1) God, God, mighty one, strength; 2) The Most High; 3) The Everlasting God; 4) The Lord will provide; 5) The Lord Is Your Healer; 6) The Lord Is My Banner; 7) The Lord Our Righteousness; 8) The Lord Is Peace

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