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The Biden Black Blip

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic nominee for President, recently appeared on a Black media talk show and suggested that Black voters that don’t know the difference between Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump “ain’t Black”!

The comment was unfortunate, inappropriate and inconsiderate, but I was not bothered or surprised by it.

I don’t know any politician, in any political party, that always says the right things.

By and large, voters don’t demand that every candidate seeking election to public office be Godly and perfect. The people do want politicians they support to be more perfect than imperfect.

To me, Biden made one comment on a show that he probably was comfortable saying around the Negroes on his campaign team.

It was a mistake.

I blame the people of African descent that support and work for Biden for not preparing Joe on how to best communicate with the Black media and to Black voters.

At the time of this writing, Joe Biden had already spoken to Barack Obama, Jim Clyburn, Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris and a horde of other Black elected officials and so-called Black political operatives about how to behave on the campaign trail.

Tell me the name of the Black man or woman that was not afraid to look Biden in his eyes and say to him, “Don’t disparage Black voters, don’t demean Black voters and you better not disrespect Black voters?

Many of the Black people endorsing and supporting Joe Biden want a job, want a contract or want a useless title!

If Biden wanted to know how to best prepare and how to admirably perform when dealing with, or on, Black media, it should have been important for him to hire a Black media professional.

To his credit, Biden quickly, not immediately, walked back his statement and basically said Black people should not be told who to vote for based on their race and ethnicity.

Good for him.

But Biden and the Party he represents still have a long way to go to prevent the agony of political defeat.

Yeah, Biden, with his missteps and flaws, probably will be much better than the incumbent President but if he follows the path laid out by the DNC and the highly paid white consultants, his effort to become President might be doomed to die!

Why? Because the Democratic Party insists on catering to white male voters.

White Democrats that crossed Party lines to vote for Trump have not come back in reasonable numbers and may never come back to being hard core Democrats. Perhaps, white male Democrats are the modern day Dixiecrats. I’m just saying.

Joe Biden’s campaign, in one respect, is akin to Dr. Martin Luther King, good but dead, if HIS SPENDING is based on race instead of spending money with Blacks that can truly deliver Black votes.

What Joe Biden said on Black media was a blip but it was no different than the way many Americans talk about Blacks when they are behind closed doors.


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