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The cloud is darkening over President Trump’s cover-ups

Roger Caldwell

The cloud is darkening over President Trump’s cover-ups

By Roger Caldwell

On Thursday February 16th, President Trump gave his first press conference as Commander-in-Chief, and it was a media circus. Everyone in America should be aware, when the president speaks, for every two stories, one is a fabrication or lie.

For this eighty minute press conference, President Trump made up stories. He knew was not true for about forty minutes. Many will ask why he does this, and very few people will acknowledge that he is bipolar.

On one level people who are bipolar are genius, but on another level they need mental health help. He will not be the first president that was sick in office, and he will not be the last.

In President Trump’s mind, he believes that his administration is running like a “FINE-TUNED MACHINE.” Again Americans will ask does President Trump really believe that his administration is running smoothly, but based on his mental health issues, everything is great.

In his mind’s eye, his first month in office has been a success. From his point of view, his only problem is President Obama has left him “a mess” at home and abroad. He believes in the next few months, there will be a major transformation in America, and the citizens will start to understand that he is right.

Instead of working to bring order to a disorganized White House dysfunctional mess, every weekend the president is hanging out, and working at his Winter White House at Mar-a-La-go. Three straight weekends trips to Mar-a-Lago is like getting a new job, and immediately requesting time off.

According to Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair, “President Trump’s first month in office has been dogged by one-misstep after another – botched executive orders and attacks on the judiciary, punctuated by bizarre, and often inappropriate boasting about the size of his electoral victory and inauguration crowd.

He has done little to address the cavalcade of scandals that have already become a defining feature of his presidency.”

Everyone would expect the Democrats to battle with the policies, nominations, and executive orders that the president wants implemented, but now members in the Republican Party are publically questioning his actions. Many are asking for an investigation into the ouster of national security ad-visor General Michael Flynn, and his contacts with Russia, and what did President Trump know.

It is very easy for the president to call the media dishonest and their stories “fake news,” but groups of former White House lawyers, constitutional scholars, and prominent litigators are suing Trump over breaking national and international constitutional laws. Even though the president has allegedly removed himself from the day-to-day operations of his business, he appeared to still benefit from deals that different countries are making around the world, and this could be breaking the law.

As the scandals escalate and the problems get worse, President Trump has decided to personally fight his enemies by bringing the battle to them. At his defiant news conference, Trump blamed the Democrats, President Obama, leaks, the corrupt media, and any other enemy from keeping him from moving forward with his agenda.

President Trump has signed over two dozen executive orders, but there was very little substance to many of his actions. A good example is his signing of the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. He still has regulatory processes to go through, and no money has been allocated to the project, and numerous agencies must give their approval.

On last Saturday Trump held a” feel good” campaign rally with over 10,000 supporters there, but many in his own party have stated that the Trump machine is in danger of the wheels coming off.

As the FBI and other agencies begin to investigate our president, they will uncover that his business is a criminal enterprise, and he is now running it from the White House. He owes billions of dollars to banks around the globe, and a dark cloud of corruption hangs over the new administration.

Trump has no idea how to run a political administration, and a country, and the problems are just beginning.


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