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The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

About four years ago, I began to call the world’s most famous criminal suspect “The Russian Babayka”, and some people called me insane.

As Deion Sanders would say, “Do you believe now!” Am I crazy now?

US intelligence agencies say Russian operatives were allegedly responsible for putting the names, addresses, spouses, children, ages, schools, etc. of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, and also all of the Grand Jurors that indicted Donald Trump.

I wrote about the Bogeyman behaving like a Russian asset and you read it. Trump and Russia seem connected to me.

Anyway, none of that is what this column is about.

A so-called “political poll” was released that suggested 60% of people polled said they would vote for Trump if he ran against President Joe Biden.

  1. Don’t worry about that. Polls normally say what the people who paid the pollster want poll results to say.

I want to talk about the 60%. There is no way in hell that there are more Republicans in America than all of the other voters combined.

But the “60%” part is real.

There are far more people than you think who love Donald Trump. Pretty much, everybody that loves Trump also hates you, so to speak.

So, who are the imaginary voters in America that justify such a high percentage for a candidate that has never ever had the most votes in any election, and a slew of impeachments, indictments, and expected convictions?

You know them, they’re the MAGA Democrats!

They are your friends, coworkers, classmates, teammates, and your political party members.

Soon, people will be coming to your HBCU, your church, your sorority, and your fraternity or Masonic Lodge telling you Democrats need more Black men to vote.

That would be nice, but it will not be a political epiphany! Every qualified and registered American voter should cast a ballot.

They may just want Black men to vote and volunteer to work for Democratic candidates.

When you see Blacks standing behind Trump with signs, you can bet they’re getting paid to wear those despicable T-shirts.

The Democratic National Committee is pretty much run by Blacks.

Biden is influential, of course, but so is VP Kamala Harris, Speaker Hakeem Jeffries, Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Anatole Jenkins, a national organizer for Kamala.

A Black man, Jaime Harrison, is the Chair of the DNC.

Now you tell me why you can’t name a single Black man, or woman, in every state of the union that gets paid one million dollars by the DNC to provide services for Democratic candidates.

Aw, Lucius, that’s so unfair. And you’re so misled!

Jamie Harrison knows plenty of Bruces and Beckys and Bubbas that make millions in printing services, polling services, direct mail services, travel services, phone, and computer services, and I have not even mentioned advertising and media placement millions.

Most Democratic Party dollars spent in Black communities goes to Black elected officials. Don’t get mad with them.

Democrats think Black elected officials know and utilize Black political professionals. I don’t have to tell you who most Black candidates hire; check their expenditure reports.

Al Lawson and others who were victimized by racist redistricting deserve our support and sympathy.

But don’t think Republican redistricting plans don’t get any Black votes. You can check that public record too.

Trust The Gantt Report and other Black media professionals to tell you the truth about modern-day politics.

Finally, I’m seriously considering doing The Gantt Report Show on both radio and television. The shows will be highly rated.

What Lucius has done one, two, or three times, he can do again.

Contact me or the publishers and let me know what you think or who should be a guest.

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