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This Popular Candle Brand Is Filling Your Home With Toxins


The best way to finish off a good deep clean to your humble abode is by lighting a candle. After cleaning your home, the final touches include lighting a nice candle, taking a warm bath or shower, and relaxing for the rest of the day. You could also light a candle to set the mood for a special night in *wink wink*, or you could just light a candle simply because you want to. Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to know that as good as some candles may smell, they could be making you sick over time. This one specific brand of candles is a cult favorite. But did you know they may be doing more harm than good? In fact, they could be the reason for a lot of your symptoms.

Bath & Body Works Phenomenon

If you’ve never heard of Bath and Body Works, then you probably live under a rock, or you’re just not into trendy things and either one is understandable. Bath & Body Works is a popular company that sells all types of home scents such as candles, room sprays, plug-ins, incense, and more.

They also sell perfume scents that you can use for your body as well as bath and self-care products. The creative part about this company is that a lot of the time, you can find a candle scent that you love in a perfume or skin care product. How cool is that? The scent you love in your home can be worn. Although these candles are really popular, It’s been shown that they may be really bad for your health.

Why They Aren’t Good For Your Home

The reason this brand candle line isn’t good for your home is because of the ingredients used to make the candle. Bath & Body Works uses paraffin wax in their candles. They mix the paraffin wax in a blend of palm oil and soy wax to create their candles.

However, paraffin wax is the problem. This type of wax is a petroleum-based product and when this product is burned, it releases toxic chemicals benzene and toluene into the air.

Bath & Body Works candles also have phthalates, which are synthetic chemicals to make the candles last longer.

Unfortunately, these chemicals have been linked to a number of medical issues such as cancer, respiratory issues, reproductive issues, and asthma. How might this cause issues with your health and what could it lead to?

How This Can Lead To Serious Medical Problems

Allowing these types of toxins can lead to many issues in the future. Say you light one of these candles every day and you let it burn for hours. That’s hours of synthetic chemicals, benzene and toluene being released into your home and inhaled. This is like letting the car exhaust go off in your home and inhaling it.


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