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Trump Impeachment or Indictment?

Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

By Nicole Nutting and Don Valentine

     She Said: Hallelujah Don, things are looking up! Now that the Democrats have

control of the House, the time is near for our fake president to face the consequences of

his behavior. What’s your best guess, impeachment or indictment?

    He Said: Nicole, I hate to reveal that Santa does not exist. I am sorry there never was a “Tooth Fairy”. Impeachment will be as likely as seeing a unicorn.

The paradigm for impeachment, as set out in the constitution, is that Congress votes on evidence of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”.

For our readers who did not go to law school this is an ambiguous standard. A Democratic Congress might vote for a Trump impeachment based on what fires are revealed behind the “smoke” we are seeing.

Here, Nicole, is where “the rubber meets the road”. The Senate gets to have a trial

and vote on the Congress’s disposition to remove the President. The current Senate

has too many Republican seats for that outcome. Go buy a “scratch off” ticket!

She Said: My preference would be to see a criminal indictment. Better minds than my own are questioning the legitimacy of the Dept. of Justice guideline which states that a sitting president

cannot be indicted. If the criminal behavior itself is what propelled Trump into office, then he shouldn’t be protected by the privileges of that office. Our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves!

    He Said: The speed bump with an indictment of President Trump is jurisprudence precedent.

Personally, I find that contrary to the foundation of our democracy. Lord, please help us if our president turns out to be above the law.

    She Said: NO ONE should be above the law, and national leaders need be held to the highest standards. It is a delicious irony that our newly elected women and minorities will be instrumental in bringing down this incompetent president.

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