The Westside Gazette

Uniquely Designed


By Melanated Glow

Everything has purpose. Everything has a place. Everything has a unique energy. Everything functions as it is designed to. Although all of these statements are true, and most people are familiar with the idea, we don’t always apply the concept to our lives and our interactions with people. It is obvious that we do not drink sea water when we are thirsty. Although it is water, we know that underneath it contains a makeup that is toxic to the body when ingested in large quantities. Just as Ocean water and Spring water are both water and we use them differently, as individuals we carry different strengths and serve different purposes in spite of us all being human. Sometimes we expect things from people that they are unable to provide. This unrealistic expectation can be toxic to any type of relationship.

Although we have similarities with other people, each person is uniquely made. It is relationship and communication that is needed to unify two or more people. In genuine relationships time is spent learning each other. This authentic interchange unites the individuals on a deeper level. Sharing space is a physical connection as we are connected to everyone alive. Distance lessens or intensifies that energy exchange meaning that we are essentially connected to souls on the other side of the globe. In more intimate interactions, connections are made on a deeper level including becoming one on the mental and/or spiritual levels. Knowing someone on this level allows for communication without the exchange of words. This is similar to the bond between mother and child.

Some relationships are so real and organic that eye contact can communicate paragraphs, a facial expression can relay feelings, and a reaction can reveal thoughts about a certain situation if those people are familiar with one another. Knowing a person means that we also know their strengths and weaknesses. Those “I knew I should have gone   with my first mind” moments are reminders of how we know the conclusion of certain situations based upon knowing the person. Our intuition lets us feel when things are out of sorts and although we can’t explain it, we know. With all of this knowing, we must take responsibility for our actions. If we give someone information, it was a choice that we made. What they do with that information is a choice that they made. We only have control over our own choices so blaming another person for doing things the way they are created is not a mature or appropriate response.

We must approach situations and relationships realistically. We must take each person’s unique energy into consideration before arriving at conclusions. We know that a lung can not work in place of a heart in the human body yet we expect a taker to be a giver or a public person to be private with our information. We know the appropriate conditions for things outside of self, but for some reason we expect loved ones to be someone other than who they are when we “need” them to be. These types of expectations aren’t naturally a part of that person’s character. Since a person cannot give what they do not have, expecting someone to do something or be someone that they cannot be causes tension in the relationship. There is ease in a relationship where each person is accepted for who they are.

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