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What is PTSD?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

What is PTSD?

By Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D.

      Unfortunately, PTSD is normally what happens to service men and women who go to war, Police men and women, and others who experience a traumatic experience to their person. Post means something that has happened that created a traumatic experience with stress, while creating a disorder in a person’s way of thinking with fear and evil thoughts that he or she may or may not ever act on but is always ready to act defensively.  The most recent school shooting may have created just that experience as PTSD with the survivors of that traumatic event.

There is medical treatment for PTSD. Here is an opinion to start to put into action immediately. Any person who chooses to purchase an arm forces weapon or any type of weapon, or one such as the AR15 rifle should immediately by mandate have to schedule himself or herself with a medical Doctor and Psychiatrist to take a psychological evaluation. It must be proven he or she is capable of knowing how, when, to use it carefully and properly, and to Know and always store it safely from anyone. Anyone could have an idea that he or she wants to illegally possess and use the stored weapon. As well, if the Doctors are paid off illegally by some person who allegedly chose to commit a crime to obtain a weapon for another individual, he or she should be arrested, charged, and convicted of the crime.  Any person who does not possess a weapon to carry cannot purchase any type of weapon and leave with it immediately at the same time is the law.


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