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A revolutionary read by local author Olivia S. Benson-Marlon Hill, Esq.

A revolutionary read by local author a Olivia S. Benson-Marlon Hill, Esq.

Marlon A. Hill, Esq. Miami Business Attorney and Radio Broadcaster

By Olivia S.  Benson

Every now and then a book comes along that seems to challenge our beliefs about life . . . Answers From Within is that book. Although it centers around work life, it touches many other aspects of our lives, and most significantly it looks at race, gender, and sexual orientation from unique angles. Olivia provides nuggets for a piece of each of us. In a world of mental stress, this book offers revolutionary thought for our own peace. A great read!

Answers From Within is featured this year at the Miami Book Fair, Nov. 13 -20, 2016. Benson will be speaking about on Sunday, Nov. 20 at 11 a.m., Room 7128, Bldg. 7, Miami Dade College/Wolfson Campus, 300 N.E. Second Ave., Miami, Fla. There is no charge to attend the presentation, but general admission to the Book Fair is $8. There is parking available at the MDC Parking Garage. There will be a book signing following the presentation.

To learn more about this amazing book, please visit the website at:

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