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Test Your Bible Knowledge

What is the abbreviation for a Doctor of Theology?

What is the abbreviation for a Doctor of Ministry?

How did Apostle Paul make a living?

According to scripture what was unique about the man forced to assist Jesus in carrying His cross? And what was his name?

Who was the author of the Book of Revelation?

Can you name four rivers that are mentioned in the Bible?

When the disciples ask Jesus, “Why couldn’t we cast out that demon?” What was Jesus answer?

Finish this verse: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard……..

“”Historical Fact – according to the Rabbinical commentators (Midrash) the mother of Ishmael, Hagar or Agar was Pharaoh’s daughter.””

Answers – 1) ThD;  2) DMin;  3) Acts 18:1-3;  4) The man was from Cyrene, an ancient city from Libya, Africa. His name was Simon;  5) Revelation 1:9-10;  6) Genesis 2:10-14;  7) Matthew 17:19-20;  8) 1st Corinthians 2:9

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