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Child prodigy releases new children’s novel series inspiring young readers to overcome challenges


 By Brithney Johnson 

Child prodigy Ransom Dominic Johnson, III has written an exciting new children’s novel series inspiring young readers to overcome challenges through positive affirmations, problem solving and teamwork.

The wildly entertaining book revolves around the main character, Jason and his little sister Clementine, who aren’t so thrilled about moving to their new home, until they find what they think is a cool hideaway in Jason’s new room. Now they’re trapped, and have just uncovered their hidden powers, met new friends, and fought off a dragon… or two! Will they pass the test to unlock the door to return to the room by breakfast?

This action-packed adventure is not your average, run-of-the-mill children’s book, given that it encourages young readers to:

Explore Their Imagination – As a child develops, imagination assists in the growth of social, emotional, creative, physical, lingual, and problem-solving skills in children.

Overcome Obstacles – Challenges are inevitable. Learning this early in life can be extremely beneficial. This process teaches children the real meaning of “if it’s to be, it’s up to me,” and “the wound was self-inflicted”, you begin to remind yourself not to do it again.

Understand The Value of Teamwork – The old adage is, “no one man (or woman) is an island”. Collaboration has always been a great way to solve difficult problems. By working together, the team in Adventure Academy overcome insurmountable odds by defeating a mighty dragon and returning home safely.

Dream BIG – The author wrote this book at the age of 9 and hopes to inspire other children his age to not only dream about what they can accomplish years from now, but actually achieve their goals and aspirations as soon as possible.

Ransom Dominic Johnson, III is the second student to release an inspiring children’s book through Positivity Pays Publishing. CEO Ramon Robinson coins Johnson as a “triple threat” with expansive talent in writing, music, art—the list goes on! His love for literacy has not only been showcased through his most recent book publishing, but also through numerous media outlets in the community. He has been a featured writer for the “Growing Voices of Our Future” section of the Westside Gazette Newspaper as well as recorded and produced his own read a longs for the Community Education Alliance’s Instagram and Facebook social media literacy series.

“Adventure Academy” was recently released on September 24, 2021 on and will be available in Kindle and paperback formats. Readers can get their copy on Amazon or on the Positivity Pays website.

     For further information visit and follow Ransom on Instagram: @crownmeking_dom.

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