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Bible Trivia

When Joshua guided Israel across the Jordan River, 12 stones were set as a memorial for generations to remember the history of Israel crossing on dry land. Listed are the history of some of our community churches – when created and the first pastor:

Mt Hermon A. M. E. Church – 1906 – Reverend J. H. Haines

First Baptist Church Piney Grove – 1904 – Reverend B.F. Goodwin

Mt Calvary Missionary Baptist – 1902 – 5 Clergy started the church – Reverends L.J. Ely, BJ Goodwin, NB Williams, BF James, and AJ Thomas

New Mt Olive Baptist Church – 1918, followed by the name change – 1923 – Reverend HP Bragdon

St John United Methodist Church – 1904 – Reverend L. J Little

Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church – 1946 – Reverend DD Miller

St Christopher Episcopal Church – 1930’s – Father Q.E. Primo

Ascension Peace Presbyterian Church – 1950’s – Reverend Scipio


In Next week’s edition we will explore other community churches beginnings and 1st pastors.


*** Biblical Facts*** The use of a pulpit dates back to the Old Testament times. Nehemiah 8:4 reads,” And Ezra the scribe stood upon a pulpit of wood, which they had made for the purpose..”

My favorite is Luke 5:1-11, speaks about, as the multitude followed Jesus, Peter’s boat was used as a (pulpit) for Jesus to preach the gospel. If you search the scriptures you will find other examples where pulpits were used.” Amen!

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