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“ Test Your Bible Knowledge”

Bible Trivia

You are doing a magnificent job. Today’s questions are on another level. Are you ready?


1) Which Emperor in 381 A.D. formed a council and created the Nicene Creed?

2) What is the Nicene Creed?

3) The words mirror, seed, lamp and light, fire, hammer, and sword are considered symbols of what?

4)What does it mean when one says,’ The Inerrancy Of The Scriptures?

5) What was the main cause for sickness to enter into the world?

6) Jesus gave only two ordinances/sacraments to the church. What are they?

7) According to the scriptures what is faith?

8) Why did Apostle Paul considered himself to be the least of the apostles?


***Biblical fact*** Ephesians 6:11, to fight against the devil Paul uses the analogy of a Roman solder’s battle equipment. In Ancient Roman warfare, the turtle or tortoise formation was a type of shield wall formation used for battle. Each shield had a hook on the side to attach to the next soldier’s shield in formation. This turtle formation would deflect the enemy’s arrows or swords from penetrating vital organs.


Answers – 1) Emperor Constantine;  2) When the doctrines of the Deity of Christ and the Trinity were upheld;  3) Symbols Of The Scriptures;     4) the Bible contains no mistakes;  5) Sin;  6) Water Baptism and the Lord’s supper;  7) Hebrews 11:1; 8) 1Corinthians 15:9

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