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‘Test Your Bible Knowledge ‘

Bible Trivia

What tribe does Moses come from?

How did Moses meet his wife?

When God asked Moses to go back to Egypt with a message, name one of 5 excuses Moses gave to God?

How did the Israelites escape from the final deadly plaque?

Why was Moses not allowed to enter the Promise Land?

What does the name Moses or Moseh’ mean?

What items were kept in the ark of the covenant?

Joshua and another were the only two men to live through the wilderness wanderings. Who was the other man?


***Biblical Note*** Ancient Israel drafted soldiers, but exemptions were allowed for those who had just built a house, planted a vineyard, or gotten engage. Another exemption: “Is anyone fearful and fainthearted (scared) can go home. The reason being is that your attitude will scare the next soldier. (Deuteronomy 20:5-8)


Answers – 1) Tribe of Levi;  2) Exodus 2:15-21;  3) Exodus 3:11-13, Exodus 4:1, 10, 13; 4) They put blood on their doorposts so the Angel Of Death would ‘pass over’ them (Exodus 12:7);  5)  Numbers 20:10-12;  6) ‘One who draws forth’;  7) Hebrews 9:4;  8) Numbers 14:30

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