The Westside Gazette

“Test Your Bible Knowledge”

Rev. David Deal

Bible Trivia

Although the word is not mentioned in the Bible, what is it when 3 persons are in God at the same time?

Where in the Bible are detailed qualifications for deacons set forth? What are some of the qualifications mentioned?

According to the Bible satan was full of wisdom, perfect in beauty and perfect in his ways. Where can this be found?

Who was Gamaliel and what relationship did he have with Apostle Paul?

Complete the following verse: But my God shall supply all your needs __________________.

Complete the following verse: They that sow in tears_________.

When was Saul first called ‘Paul’ in the Bible?

** Biblical fact** The Babylonians (Chaldeans) were an African/Edenic people of Mesopotamia. They were famous for astrology.

Answers: 1) Matthew 3:16-17 & Mark 1:9-11;   2) 1st Timothy 3:8-13;

3) Ezekiel 28:12-19;  4) Acts 22:3;   5) Philippians 4:19;  6) Psalm 126:5;

7) Acts 13:9

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