The Westside Gazette

“Test Your Bible Knowledge”

Rev. David Deal

Bible Trivia

During the crucifixion of Jesus Pilot placed over Christ’s head the initials INRI. What does INRI mean?

Name at least five great women of the Bible?

The Bible speaks about 22,000 cowards. Where can this be found?

How old was Sarah when she conceived?

How old was Sarah when she died?

Complete the following verse: If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall…………….

42 children were killed by two bears. What did the children say to Prophet Elisha that caused this awful curse?

Complete the following verse: Lead me to the rock……….

Answers – 1)  Iesus Nazarenus Rex ludaeorum (Matt 19:19-20);  2) There are several great women of the Bible. Mary, Ruth, Rachel, Esther and Deborah just to name a few;  3) Judges 7:3;  4) Genesis 17:17;  5) Genesis 23:1-2;  6) John 15:7;  7) 2Kings 2:23-24;  8) Psalm 61:2

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