Since the first issue rolled off the press in 1971, the Westside Gazette newspaper has maintained the professional, insightful and reader sensitive reporting that has gained the trust and respect of South Florida’s African American community.

In our relenting effort to empower our community with information, the Westside Gazette newspaper has been sensitive to the special needs of our readers. We believe that the most potent tool with which to face the challenges and opportunities of this new century is the dissemination of information. As Broward County’s oldest an largest African American owned and operated newspaper, it is our responsibility to inform, education, and reinvest in our community.

The Westside Gazette readers are cultivated African American consumers who have tremendous buying power to the tune of over 70 billion dollars a year. Our publication is distributed through churches, libraries, colleges, newspaper, mail subscriptions and retail outlets throughout South Florida, the second largest Black metropolitan area in the United States.

The motto of the Westside Gazette is: “A POSITIVE PAPER FOR POSITIVE PEOPLE”. This precept is our commitment to delivering inspirational, informative and
empowering stories to South Florida’s African American community.

The Westside Gazette is a sponsor of several events that benefit and uplift our entire community. Some these event include Sickle Cell Foundation of Broward, Annual David Deal Play, Sistrunk Historical Festival, and Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration.

The Westside Gazette enhances the quality of life not only for the African American community but all communities because of our trusted ability to provide positive relevant information.

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