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Eric Garner’s Mother Gives Emotional Testimony at Judiciary Hearing

  “Five years ago, my beloved son Eric was murdered by people who were supposed to serve and protect,” Carr told the bipartisan group of lawmakers. “Eric cried out 11 times, ‘I can’t breathe.’ But those officers on the scene that day didn’t seem to care,” she said. “How come no one was held accountable?”Carr said Garner’s death had devastated her family. […]


What Matters 2020 – Issues That Impact Minority Communities

     In an exclusive interview, Cullors tells the NNPA Newswire that BLM was invited to attend the third installment of the Democratic Presidential Debate, which was hosted in Houston, Texas, at Texas Southern University (TSU), which is an HBCU located in the heart of Houston’s historic Third Ward – a place known for its rich Black history and culture. The debate marked the first presidential campaign debate at an HBCU since 2007. […]

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Environmental Justice Advocates Say Climate Change isn’t a ‘White Thing’

     “Far too often it is our communities – Black and Brown communities – that are not prepared enough, resilient enough, or adaptive enough when climate disasters hit,” Mabson said. “We look at the devastating impacts from Hurricane Katrina, and more recently Hurricane’s Maria, Harvey, and Dorian, and we see communities that look like ours, nearly destroyed,” she said. […]

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Senate Education Chair blocks bipartisan bill to extend HBCU funding

So, when federal legislation is blocked that would extend and preserve funding for HBCUs, such actions are not only an affront to today’s college students, but also to a history that has led to only 3% of the nation’s colleges and universities educating nearly 20% of all Black graduates. The success of HBCU graduates is even more noteworthy considering that 70% of students come from low-income families […]

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This Black Pilot is Flying with a Mission of Diversity

     Despite the limited amount of African Americans in the cockpit, Stanislaus said now is the time for people of color to join the pilot ranks.  “There is about to be a mass exodus of commercial pilots, and their spots will need to be filled,” he said. “African Americans should know that this is possible for them,” Stanislaus said. […]